Our Solution:

React AI gets Machine Learning operating on real-world hardware.

No labelling is required to start learning, just stream data and training begins.

Simple To Use
Automatically extracts features from asynchronous data streams and formats it for the built in Deep Neural Networks, so you don’t have to spends weeks manually collecting, labelling and batching before you define your goals. You can even add new labels after the fact.

Simple To Deploy
Stream data directly from equipment to the cloud based system, and it immediately starts to build a predictive model of your world, resulting in faster learning and deeper understanding of past, present and future actions.

Simple To Adapt
Hot-swap sensors, adjust their sampling rate and add new types of equipment, and the AI explores what has changed and integrates it into a new understanding, without skipping a beat..

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AI research has focused heavily on building higher performing neural nets, but that doesn’t mean they are practical to implement in real world deployments. As humans we deal with life as it comes to us, and for our equipment to truly benefit from machine learning, it should respond in real time as well. That belief has driven us to build a system to explore the world around it, using methods that closely mimic human sensory perception, and can augment almost any machine.

Our Technology…

React AI has created BRAIN2, the proprietary AI technology at the heart of our platform. This enables us to deliver solutions that bring together a broad range of benefits offered by AI. The result is a real-time decision making feedback loop, based on readings from your sensors, be they optical, acoustic (inc. natural language), spatial, electrical or other embedded sensors in machinery. Real time decision making lets BRAIN2 execute tasks in the real world through direct commands to physical systems.


React AI uses state-of-the-art neural network techniques which can be called upon to perform a wide range of tasks to achieve your goals.


Our technology processes data in real time, acting immediately to produce results based on trained neural nets, while simultaneously training new, better models in the background.


At the core of our system, we fuse large amount of data from multiple asynchronous data streams on the fly.

Recurrent Nets

We use recurrent neural nets to truly take account of the time-series nature of arriving events, rather than just treating time as another variable.

Modular Networks

Our neural-net AI technology can learn and control processes at multiple levels, and in combination, with AI components at one level controlling or feeding into others.

Cloud and Local

High bandwidth sensor and video data can need processing fast on embedded solutions, but sometimes you just need a server farm. Process where it works best.

The Founders

Greg Epps

Charles Galambos

Nic Greenway

Application Domains

Key verticals for BRAIN2:
Industrial equipment, production
lines, industrial robots, CNC machinery, Industrial
IOT/Industrie 4.0, plant management, oil and gas
monitoring, servo and actuator control, drones,
humanoid robots