A Custom Robotics Creation
An in-house designed and built robotic dog, enabling us to test and improve our software.
React AI is aiming to produce the world’s most capable AI systems for controlling the physical world, and a complex robotic system acting as a test-bed entirely within our control is a key enabler of this.

Where Work Meets Play

Dog-bot is the brainchild of company co-founder Dr Charles Galambos, and started life as a hobby project outside the office. Wanting to push his mechatronics skills to the max, he designed a complex four-legged robot with a dog-style gait, and fired up his trusty 3D printer.
It was immediately clear that dog-bot could be more than a hobby. Hooking a complex robot to our Enki platform will allow us to push and improve our software with ever more complex real-world interactions, refining our AI technology in many key aspects of systems control. And creating such a system ourselves, from design to operation, will give us invaluable control of its use as a test-bed.

More Coming Soon…

Dog-bot is entering the latter stages of design and build.  We aim to open-source the design when done, and Charles will be posting updates on the build process on his blog.  Check back soon and see what’s new!