Open-Source quadruped robot for AI research
Robots should be able to walk, run and jump naturally, just like animals – and they should be able to explore, perceive and take actions according their understanding of the world. AI has reached amazing new heights, but further progress towards our understanding of human intelligence will require the AI to be embodied in a robot, where continuous interaction with the real world informs decision making.


Our professional experience developing AI resulted in control algorithms we wanted to test in the real world with dynamic data. We didn’t want to adapt our AI to suit the available robots, so we decided to change the robots to suit the AI. This led us to build a robot specifically for AI researchers – one with totally different requirements to the currently available robots.


The current state-of-the-art robots are slow, heavy and depend on top-down programming because they have to be accurate and repeatable. In unstructured environments outside of the lab, positional accuracy comes second to adaptation – the real world requires appropriate movement for the context. The right robot for this should be lightweight, fast and able to respond intelligently to sensor stimuli. The DogBot is designed to enable researchers to safely develop robust and novel learning algorithms, giving them the opportunity to build, deploy and test more realistic models of intelligence.

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